Profitable Forex Trading Course

Version 2.0

This is the complete Forex trading guide, everything you need to know to become a profitable trader is covered. The course will be updated frequently with lifetime discounted updates included in your purchase. The focus is on Scalping (Day Trading) and Swing Trading the Foreign Exchange market, and the information can also be applied to long-term trading, or trading other instruments such as stocks and precious metals.

Section 1:

Probabilities, Naked Trading & Useful Indicators, Support / Resistance Zones, The 8 High-Probability Trading Patterns (Breakouts, Trend Continuations, Reversals), Other Patterns, Combination Moves, Trade Positives & Negatives

Section 2:

Timeframes, Market Cycles, Currency & Pair Correlations, Relative Strength, Stars Aligned High-Probability Trades, Trade Checklist, Risk Management, Risk/Reward Ratios, Trade Management, Compounding Strategies

Section 3:

The Majors Setup, Position Sizing Cheat Sheet, Trading Sessions, Session Checklist, Trading News, Trading Plan & Journal, Putting It All Together: A Trading Session Walkthrough

Section 4:

How To Pass the FTMO Challenge (Or Other Prop Firms)

Section 5:

My Trading Setup, Tradingview & Setting Up Charts, Trading Platforms, Broker Selection, Other Tools, Realistic Goals