What’s up everybody! A little about myself, I searched for quite some time looking for what I would call the perfect profession. I wanted something that would allow me to be location independent, work on my own schedule, and have a decent amount of income potential.

After years of searching I finally came across Forex trading back in September of 2019. I’ve come a long way since my first couple of trades, definitely made my fair share of mistakes as I had no idea what I was doing back then. I now understand what proper, professional trading is – profitable trading requires a very high level of discipline and patience. Once you have the technical skills down, it then becomes a mental battle with yourself to stay within the confines of your profitable trading plan. Follow the plan, and you will make profits. It’s that simple!

Since I’ve started trading I’ve gotten many, many requests from people asking me to teach them how to trade properly. I created this website to share what I’ve learned so far along the way, and I’ll continue to make updates with everything else I learn in the future.